Monday, December 20, 2010

The T List

 For the life of me I thought we all knew what Home Land Security Fusion Centers were. I really thought we all knew that the FBI, TSA and gods knows how many other alphabet agencies were keeping databases of us. Yet the Washington post publishes a article centering on 5 "Revelations" from their investigation of the FBI and these Fusion Centers and what their purpose is, and it come readily apparent that as a nation we are as uneducated as any third world population. Take in account of our sheer laziness, arrogance and controlled media, and you have the perfect recipe for totalitarian rule. Now add in a healthy dose of Racial intolerance and fear and we have the makings of Nazi Germany. It's easy to dismiss these statements as cliche or over the top conspiracy theories. But the fact is these Fusion Centers exist. The fact is these fusions centers are gathering information on anyone and everyone they can regardless of whether or not your a criminal or a terrorist. The Washington Post claims the FBI's SAR list or Suspicious Activities Reporting Initiative is currently at 161,948 reports. I suspect the number is much higher as in the tens of millions higher. The information gathered in these reports includes employment history, consumer trends, medical conditions, financial information, photo's and even information on family and friends who just by association could become a target of overzealous surveillance. And while you are being watched listened to and followed for no other reason than they can, your being brainwashed and beaten into submission by the mainstream media into silent obedience. Do you really think any of the rights you lost and will lose affects the daily lives of Bill O'reilly, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh? No these new stricter rules only apply to the poor, middle class and disenfranchised. We can no longer be called the beacon of human rights and liberties. We are now the dark shadow of oppression. Like it or not this is a Police State. How we as a people choose to deal with it will be left for the history books. Whatever the outcome Inaction is no longer an option.  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1 Million Names and Counting, Are You are Terrorist?

This week the TSA reached a new low. 1 Million Names on the Terrorist Watch List. A list that grows about 20,000 names a day. And if you just happen to have the same name as a "Known Terrorist" then guess what? Even though the TSA will swear up and down that it's not you on the list, it is "You" being harassed, stripped and molested, each and every time you go to the airport. And those many many innocent people that are on the list by mistake will tell you. Getting off is not an option. Once your on that's it. Just ask CNN reporter Drew Griffin, starting back in may after he wrote some critical pieces on the TSA, his name shows up on this list. Of course the TSA denies one has to do with the other, and that CNN's Drew Griffin is not the "Terrorist" Drew Griffin. Of course they are going to deny it. The question is are we going to buy into the lies spread by paid mouth pieces like Christopher White, or common sense. The terrorist didn't show up until the TSA was criticized. Seriously? You morons at the TSA need to grow up. Oh by the way next time I have to fly, and you think your going to molest me? Expect a bloody lip. Jail or No.

Putting Pressure on the Government Tools

 In the latest tiff over Wiki-leaks now encompasses Corporate giants Amazon and Pay pal. Now I urge everyone that believes in freedom of press, speech and information to do the same. We have to send the message that Consumer pressure outweighs government pressure. This country really needs a reminder of where the power in this country truly lies. This is not about Wiki-leaks as much as its about free speech and freedom of Press. And I am completely and truly aware that some content released by Wiki-Leaks could endanger our troops. However the truth has to come first and foremost. And lets be completely real, I have read not all but several of these documents and its pretty clear the Government is totally overplaying the danger card. What they are more concerned about is the preservation of the Government's honor and credibility. They just haven't been told their Honor and Credibility are beyond repair. So how much longer are we going to sit on our hands and look the other way?

Friday, December 3, 2010

What the Murals at DIA Really Say

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the strange apocalyptic murals at Denver International Airport is worth a library. These murals coupled with the free mason symbol accompanied by "The New World Airport Commission" falls right into the hands of the conspiracy theorists and was even featured on Jesse Ventura's  Conspiracy theory. So let's put that to rest immediately. Yes there is a massive tunnel system and bomb shelters under DIA. It's a Dan Brown game if you can figure out what the symbols mean your smart enough to get in, if not your sol. But what concerns me isn't what is or isn't under the airport, its these murals themselves. First of all what kind of moron puts this picture in an airport. Really? A mural depicting the end of the world, just before I get on a plane flown by some guy I don't know, in a machine I know nothing about. Just seeing that before I board doesn't go far in assuring me a safe uneventful flight to my destination. Then there is this. I only bring this up because it's so freaking obvious. The soldier in the gas mask carrying an AK and killing a dove with a scimitar, and the fact that the uniform was drawn to resemble Muslim garb. It's obvious that the artists intentions was to play on the racial/religious intolerance's plaguing this country. So can you idiots running the show at DIA pull your heads out of your asses for a second and just change the damn murals. Death and destruction at an Airport? NO.

War on Wikileaks is a War on Free Speech

Journalists in this country as well as around this world have an obligation to the truth. Nothing but the truth no matter where the truth goes. Yet again and again Corporate mainstream media twists buries and distorts the truth into dirty lies. And they spoon feed that misinformation to you. And like obedient whipped dogs you lap it up. Most of you believed the Government when it said "No Warnings" over and over again regarding 9/11 they repeated the lie so often no one even blinked when the August 6th PBD was released and and disproved the lie. And now this Government is stepping up its attacks in the press and across cyberspace. Their target Wiki-leaks. The press vilifies them and most Americans follow suit. The truth is this government is beyond redemption beyond reformation. This Government can not conform to a semblance of  Morality so it does the only thing it knows how to do. Kill the story and bully the journalists and anyone else that would dare question our no fault government. For me its really a simple matter, the truth is the truth and this is murder. Wiki leaks is a lot like the cameras they put everywhere, if your not a criminal you have nothing to worry about. So if our government wasn't actively engaged in illegal and treasonous activities, then they have nothing to fear from Wiki-leaks. And we can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and let these things just happen. The truth is out there, but your not going to get it from the likes of liars in the form of Journalists. The Corporate Media Empire will not inform you, you have to do that yourselves. But you are not alone, as long as we keep Wiki-leaks open and the information pouring, we can win this war.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Real FBI War On Terror

 FBI has arrested a Somali born teenager, just as he attempted to detonate what he believed was a van filled with explosives.Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 pm on Friday as he dialed his cell phone to trigger his fake bomb. As with the case in DC last month and the several terrorist arrests on American Soil Since 9/11 once you really dig into this the story takes on a completely different meaning than the one that is hammered into you by Corporate Media. In each case it was the FBI who actively recruited these "Terrorists" recruited them from their Mosques. Most of these are impressionable teens or slow gullible young men. The FBI plays the part of the radical Jihadist. They work on these "kids" until they get what they are looking for. They then supply them with the plan, the bombs, the vehicle and cash. All the kid has to do is park the vehicle walk away and dial his cell phone. And once he does all that, they swoop down like on him like birds of prey and next thing you know we are reading about what a fine job the FBI is doing to keep us safe. When the truth is we are just buying into their plan. And over the course of the next year or so we will see this model play out and escalate. And it's just a matter of time, that the FBI gives one of these kids a real bomb. Just as with the first trade center bombing. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed secretly recorded his FBI handlers admitting the bomb they gave him was real, and not the fake he was expecting. And its just a matter of time before the FBI gives one of these kids another real bomb, and American Citizens will pay an even greater price than a body count.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Party's Over

So far I have been nice, or in the very least polite. Well that party's over. The gloves are coming off and people are going to get pissed, people are going to be really really pissed. So I'll start by pissing off all the Christians. I know easy target, why bother? I bother because it needs to be done. And things need to be said. And the fake Christye's in this country need a serious attitude adjustment. First of all lets get one thing out in the clear, I don't buy into any form of organized religion and anyone that claims to "Know God" is only trying to separate you from your money. But no more so than Christians in this country. Let's get one thing perfectly clear, all the tensions all the controversies unfolding this past summer is solely the faults of "Christians" It was a "Christian" Conservative blogger Pam Geller who started the lower Manhattan Community Center, by spreading outright lies to twist your ignorant sense of patriotism. By coining terms like Ground Zero Mosque, which she still calls it,while knowing this Community Center is Two New York City Blocks away. Yet the lies persist because these are the lies the Christian Community wants the rest of us to believe. Yet try to generalize Christians as easily As they generalize Muslims and instant firestorm. I don't blame one stupid racist blogger for the controversy as much as I blame the Christian foot soldiers, if it weren't for their own prejudices and intolerance, people like Pam Geller wouldn't have an audience. As goes this so called Reverend Terry Jones and his threat to burn Qurans on 9/11, again if it weren't for the dumb ass bible thumpers and your petty hatreds and complete misunderstanding of your own doctrine as well as the way the true world mechanics operate, Terry Jones would have been a non story. All the turmoil all the division in this country, everything is all on your heads. We started two illegal and immoral wars on lies. All the fake Christians seized on any excuse to kill Muslims, so long as those "holier than thou" do not have to get their hands bloodied. The religion you spread is not Christianity its poison pure and simple. If you Fake Christye's feel violated and generalized, then take a step back and see what you have been doing to Muslims in this country since 9/11. And you people simply expect the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan to side with and cooperate with our military? Would you support and aid people that have a deep seated fundamental hate for you based on what you believe? No none of us would. Yet the Hypocrites in this country expect the Afghans to play nice while we bomb the hell out of their country. The government is only feeding off your hatred towards Muslims and you justify your intolerance through the actions of the Government.We are at war to feed the bankers at the Federal Reserve, but it's justified through media propaganda and spoon fed to the public, and you weak willed Christye's eat it up. The bottom line is this, we must live by the constitution, it is the only safe guard we have to ensure everyone is treated equally and justly. However the so called Moral Majority in this country seems to think the rights forwarded in the constitution only apply to them, and they alone decide if and when they honor the rights and freedoms of the rest of us. Well I don't think so, It's about damn time someone reminded these people America is a free religious country, not a christian country. All religions are welcome and all religions will be treated equally and justly.  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Does the TSA Go Too Far?

With the busiest traveling the day just 48 hours away and TSA not relenting on new security procedures. The Full body scanners or a full body pat down. And what happens if you refuse both? Well that can get ugly in a hurry. First of all according to the few that have tried to opt out of being sexually assaulted or blasted with x-rays, they are then interrogated and threatened with legal action and fines up to $10,000. basically once your in your in, if you opt out your a criminal. Your subjected to interrogation, and illegal detainment. If there is no more a glaring reminder of what a Nazi police state looked like go to the Airports today and see. Once your in line your subjected to rude and abusive people who only claim to be doing their jobs. And this is an industry that is nothing without the same people they constantly walk on. But my question is simply this, under what authority does the TSA have to hold someone who simply wishes to exercise their constitutional rights? And why is it every time we lose a freedom or someone openly violates our rights, they only do so to make us safe? I never asked for or require your protection against anything other than protecting my rights from being taken away. Come this Wednesday and you find yourself caught in an airport surrounded by neo-Nazi foot soldiers, make it as difficult for them as humanly possible. Grind those long useless lines to a halt. Make those front-line TSA agents thinking about another line of work. And just how far can we go to protect our rights?
The last flight I took was two years ago, from SFO to O'hare. Where I was subjected to a molesting they called a pat down then. I can't imagine it getting any worse. I just refuse to fly unless I can do it on my terms not on terms dictated by make believe terrorists. And if the government had done the job it claims to be responsible for 9/11 could not have happened. So do you really think all these illegal procedures are to make you safe? And just a little FYI, using an uneducated inarticulate screener to convince people the scanners are safe, is not a good selling point. The fact is none of you know what the long term effects these scanners are going to have on frequent fliers. So to make claims that it is perfectly safe is a complete and outrageous lie. When enough people make a stand and turn those airports into virtual ghost towns, then maybe TSA and the airlines will figure out who their bosses really are.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Redress of Grievance Ignored

The right to petition the government for a redress of grievance is a fundamental right guaranteed in the 1st amendment of the US Constitution. Yet what happens when the Government has grown so big and out of control that it simply and arrogantly ignores any redress petitioned by the people. In November of 2002 "We the People" foundation petitioned the Government for Redress against the IRS. On August 25th Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that government does not have to answer to the People, even though its guaranteed in the First Amendment. In short order the Government does not have to show the law which it uses to send people to prison. So the age old question remains, Is there a law that requires us to pay a tax on our labor? As convoluted as the tax code may seem it all boils down to two things. One several Supreme Court rulings have found that the 16th amendment granted no new powers to tax. Period end of story. Two congress can only tax either direct and indirect. However all direct taxes must be apportioned. And all indirect taxes must be uniformed. Since the Income tax is not apportioned, and the 16th amendment granted no new powers to tax, where does the law saying I have to pay income tax on my labor exist? It's a simple straight forward request, show us the law that allows you to tax our labor. We have asked for and been denied access to the very law they use to imprison people for a non crime. We asked for a redress of grievance and been it has been ignored. We have been lied to and manipulated into believing that it is our duty and responsibility to pay taxes. When in fact the tax code is itself un-American. We asked for and have been denied our rights and freedoms by the very people whose only duty is to protect our rights and freedoms. I think its about time we all just said enough is enough and I just refuse to go along quietly any longer.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

California Tuition Protests Turns Violent

13 arrested and 4 Police Officers suffered minor injuries after protests at The University of California's Berkley Campos turned violent. Students protesting an 8% rate hike in tuition fees were joined by staff protesting pension recalculation. violence erupted about 9:15am when a group of students tried to force their way into the regents meeting. Which police responded to with pepper spray and riot police. And with every protest there is no end of videos uncovering excessive force and outright criminal assault on angry hippies. And this one is no different, so how is it over and over again Police are allowed to violate and outright deny us of our 1st amendment rights mostly without repercussions for their actions. How many more times do we have to see Police use bicycles and horses as weapons against unarmed protesters? There is no two ways about this, the constitution says what it says, and that means we the people have the right to assemble where ever whenever and for as long as we wish. And that law enforcement can not legally force us to disburse they can not legally force us to obtain permits, they can not use force to break us up. We however have the right to use force to protect our rights and freedoms. We have the right to rise up against them and take their weapons from them. We have the right to resist and we have the right to fight for our inalienable rights and liberties. We have far more right to raise our voices, than they have to silence us, we just need to be willing to fight and bleed for those rights.   

Fox News and The Obama Childrens Book Controversy

Another non news story from our good friends at Fox News. In an article originally titled "Obama Praises Indian Chief who Killed US General. The headline has since been changed to "Obama Praises Indian Chief who Defeated US General. The 31 page book titled "Of Thee I Sing, Letters to My Daughters" detailed 13 American Hero's who Obama identifies with. And one of these 13 was Sitting Bull, and for some reason unexplained to me had drawn the ire of Fox News, which pointed this out as " His most controversial choice may be Sitting Bull, who defeated Custer at Little Bighorn. I just don't understand the angle Fox is working here, but trying to raise a controversy in a children's book where none exists is just low.  And when I was in High School my history teacher tried to paint Custer in that heroic light. Logic simply would not allow it. I can see Custer heroically raiding a village killing women children and old men. I can see him fearlessly sending his men into Little Big Horn while he ran the other way. Not to mention calling this idiot a General is not accurate at all, since he was well dead before he was given his stars. So why would Fox go out their way to stir up nothing in defense of a scumbag baby killer? But I have to hand it to them, their non story brought out some very interesting comments. As well expected Sitting Bull was painted in a much more positive light than Custer. And that got me thinking, if in this day and age we Americans can knowledge the Native Americans right to resist our expansion of the country, then why is it so hard for the same Americans to knowledge the rights of Afghans to resist our occupation of their lands over there? How are these much different and how are the Afghans wrong? 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US wants tribesmen to join fight against the Taliban

3 Years ago members of the Alikozai tribe rose up against the Taliban and While Kabul and Washington watched the Taliban defeat the uprising, they are now asking for help. How can you spit in a persons eye one day and ask them for help the next? Now the marines are trying to convince the Alikozai tribe that this time it will be different. This time they wont be chained to trucks and dragged to another province, we promise. But are we trying to push the Taliban out, or occupy more territory? And if we push in and stay how long can we stay before the tribes start seeing it as another occupation? We can give them food and weapons, we can even give them air support, and they will most likely be successful and push the Taliban out. Then what? They can push out the Taliban but its not going to stem the rising insurgency against us. And we at home have to understand that essentially they are in the right. After nine years and several more to come, the majority of Afghans see us as no different that all those empires before that attempted to invade them. And if you think those mineral deposits were a surprise and newly discovered, you better think again, we knew of them since or before 1985. After thousands of lives lost and trillions spent and trillions more to be spent has not yielded a single goal of this war, its time to leave and let the Afghans be who they are, let them find their own way, let them figure out what to do with all that gold, all that lithium, let them decide their future for themselves. These wars have cost us too much in both lives and financial resources, and seriously do we not have much bigger problems at home that have been put off far too long to continue ignoring. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Karzi Remarks, Taliban reject Peace Talks

As the violence in Afghanistan escalates so do the war of words. With Afghan leader Karzi threatening to join the Taliban if the UN doesn't stop interfering. Given that along with the Taliban's rejection of peace talks, and the open letter to congress sent last week, it would seem that the Taliban is surging. That's certainly the picture painted by our propaganda machine. The realities on the ground seem to paint a much different picture entirely. The media spectacle we call news paints a picture of a Taliban surge. And we in turn are lead to believe that this resistance is solely due to the Taliban. We are told or want to think that we are always in the right. We want to believe that war is always our last option. We want to believe that we are welcomed. We want to believe these things, like we would like to believe in Santa Clause, we want to believe but logic simply will not let us. The truth is we are facing a multi-facet of resistance from all walks of life in Afghanistan. From the farmers just wanting to protect their fields and homes, to the those Mujaheddin that once fought against the Soviets and Taliban. Right up to the UN trained police forces. The media paints a completely false picture by lumping all resistance as Taliban resistance, when this is clearly an Afghan resistance. The same elements we exploited against the Soviet invasion through out the 80's is now aligning against our troops. It's not a question of if we can win, but at what cost? This has now become the longest war in US history, do you even remember why? After nine years we can not say this is about bringing down Al Qeda or Bid Laden. We we're told going in we were not there to conquer or occupy Afghanistan. So was this about Bin Laden or the Trillion dollars worth of gold and rare earths reported back in June?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Letting the Hounds Loose on George W Bush

I am not a democrat or a republican, nor am I a liberal or a conservative. People are just to complex to be wrapped up in labels. unless your a closed minded idiot like W. Presidents come and go, but my god I just can't stand this man. And not for 9/11 or the two illegal and unjust wars he started. No my hatred for this guy goes back to when he stabbed me in the back. I voted for this idiot in 2000. Then I was forced to sit and watch him his brother and Kathleen Harris steal our democracy. But even after that he couldn't just leave me alone. See I had spent a great deal of my working life acquiring high demand skills within the manufacturing industry. But apparently W. thought it would be better if we out sourced 10million jobs like mine. Then when I thought he couldn't sink to a new low, here he comes out of left field with this book. yeah well that's not really a surprise. But a bit of the book he revealed caught even me off guard. It was describing his lowest point in office. When Kayne West called him a racist. Well first off all Kayne said "George Bush Don't care about black people" W called it disgusting. I personally think Kayne was in the right ball park. But it to say George Bush don't care about poor people would be closer to the truth. So if you haven't figured out what I hate about this guy, and I have to spell it out for you, your as out of touch as he is. And that's what I hate the most about W, he thinks he's just one of the good ole boys, but he has no damn Idea what it means to struggle. And that comes out in his stupid remarks. 9/11 a failed economy that nearly went into full out depression and 2 illegal and costly wars, all this and his lowest point is being punked out by Kayne West. Really George? So where does the murder of 3,000 People on American Soil in the most horrendous manner possible, rank on your scale of low points?

Threats of violence on Social Security Judges on the Rise

Data released to the Association of Administrative Law Judges says there were 80 reports of threats to harm or kill social security judges. An 18% increase over last year. Specific and violent threats, anything from taking a gun and shooting social security personal, to joining the Taliban. Regardless the details of the threats, its apparent people are angry and they are lashing out at a system that is failing them and they are powerless to do anything about it. I personally know two people who have gone through this system. My uncle was a heavy equipment operator and suffered a severe injury on the job. After 3 surgeries to repair his shoulder failed and left him with virtually no mobility in his right shoulder he knew at his age he was done. His doctors knew it, and SSI knew it. yet it still took him more than two years to collect the benefits he worked over 35 years for. My cousin who suffers from 2 degenerative disks in his back will be lucky if he's not in a wheel chair in 2 years, has been waiting almost 8 months for his first hearing. And we all know how the first hearing always goes down. Unless you bound to a wheel chair, you can work. Period end of story. The problem here isn't people threatening judges and government workers. Its the judges who hold poor and injured people and their families hostage. People like my Cousin have kids to feed and cloth and keep a roof over their heads. When they can not work and provide, their last hope is those benefits. Most people in these thousands of cases can not keep their heads above water for two years while fighting for what is theirs in the first place. 

Taliban Letter to Congress pt2

This story had been circulating for a few days. So I thought it would be nice that we had both sides of the story for a change. So no conjecture no opinionated commentary. Just the letter plain and simple. As to what it means you just have to read it and judge that for yourself. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taliban letter to Congress

As most of you have heard by now Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi penned 2,300 word open letter to the US. Congress. WSJ journalist Matthew Rosenberg described the letter as rambling, and that Ahmadi wanted to give congress a true assessment of the realities on the ground. And called on congress for a fact checking mission. To which Rosenberg points out that Congressmen visit Afghanistan all the time. Points picked up and rehashed on every freaking cable news channel. Every single coverage is just the same sound bite telling us the letter said this the letter said that. Now I have ran this down as far as I could and I still haven't seen the letter. Seriously? All I see is this same story retold on thousands of blogs, but no actual letter? Is it Taliban propaganda? Is it an olive Branch? Or the ramblings of a self appointed revolutionary? I don't know I haven't read the letter. The Journalists are suppose to report the news and all the related facts to it. Not wrap their opinions and political views around the news. For a democracy to function properly the people have to be informed of all the facts, and none of the opinion of how we should weigh those facts. Maybe journalists like Matthew Rosenberg simply doesn't trust us to come to the same conclusions as he does. Maybe Rosenberg is afraid we would see it differently were we able to judge it for ourselves. Maybe its time to just dump the mainstream and get the truth for ourselves.

Will Sara Run?

With midterms done and a new congress getting their feet wet, a lot of talk has centered about Sara Palin's possible run for the white house in 2012. With yet another book and now a reality television show on TLC. (its not reality if the idiots know they are being watched)  Palin's intent is clear, polish on the charm and win over the heartland. Now usually I don't care either way who runs and who wins, as it never seems to change anything at all. No matter what party controls what, things always stay the same. President Obama ran on the platform of change, yet both parties reject even the tiniest insignificant reforms and change. And Whether Barrack wins a second term or Sara rides a wave of popularity, things will not change. The rich will continue to leach labors of the poor, the government will continue to spend and wage war, and jobs will trickle in here and there but the overall state will not change. The biggest problem with effecting change is we have no clue exactly what needs to be changed. When the answer is so incredibly simple. We miss the mark when we try to fix a broken system with new rules and regulations, that doesn't change anything at all. When the banks fail, we get bogged down and distracted by the rules and regulations that failed, instead of holding the people managing the system accountable. There is no need to change the government we just need a change of management. Top to bottom, every last elected politician, appointed official, and government employee. A full and complete house cleaning. Then you can really get down to business of Real Change.    

Friday, November 12, 2010

So its Going to be Like That?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances" There it is, the first amendment to the Constitution. Notice how clear cut the wording how straight to the point? And it can not be twisted into something it is not. And that leads me to our right to peaceful protests anywhere at any time. Without limitations and without the threat of arrest and or severe physical abuse by over handed cops. Not including the Recent abuses at the G20 in Toronto, as it is outside the jurisdiction of the constitution. But right here at home we have the right to assemble anywhere at anytime for any purpose, so long as it remains peaceful, but each year the aggressive tactics by law enforcement to abridge and violate our right to do, with Violence first and foremost. Just going back to the Political conventions of 2000 and see how the police violence on legal peaceful protesters has escalated every year since then. How many times do have to see someone get yanked out of a crowd by some thug with a badge that can't keep him temper in check? And have to endure the propaganda. But in 2008 this situation reached the boiling point In Minneapolis/St Paul. Not only did the police illegally arrest hundreds of protesters prior to the Convention, the first thing they did was arrest as many reporters as possible and take as many cameras off the streets.   Journalist AMy Goodman Arrested at 2008 republican convention. My question is simple, how could so many openly obvious civil rights violations be committed in public view and no one, not one person paid the price. And that can not happen in America. Those idiots donning the riot gear, makes the choice to follow illegal orders, or not. If they do they have to be accountable. If not what happens in 2012 they use their horses and someone gets trampled to death? And how far can we go to protect ourselves from openly illegal arrests? I don't care if your liberal or conservative, you need to watch this documentary, this is the path we're treading on now, and it can only escalate from here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Future of the Electric Car

 Having just watched a video drive of the Chevy Volt, I had to ask, are we going to see a repeat of the first generation of the electric cars? Probably, and for a few reasons. First we're still too dependent on oil and they are still too powerful. Second, battery technology is holding the electric car from replacing, the gasoline engine. Then there is the cost, the Volt which is nothing but a freaking hybrid runs about 40k or more. And lastly, maintenance on the electric car is practically nil, save brakes, tires, and wiper blades, wont keep the dealerships up and running very long. It's obvious for several reasons we need to break away from oil, but do you really think Detroit will sell you something that wont bleed you to death with those costly repairs over time of all those moving parts? Nope its my guess this latest half-baked attempt will fail by design and in a few years will be swallowed up and forgotten.  

Fear Driven Morons

I think its time we sat down and had a little chat. A chat most of you are loath to participate in, but one you must. We have lost our freedoms and with them what it means to be American. The dream has turned into a nightmare for most of us. While the rich just got richer and more powerful. And as we approach 10 years of war, we have to pause and ask ourselves, what happened to the country I was born in? Grew up in? Are we any safer? we sure aren't freer. Remember the rhetoric flowing out of Washington and propagandized in the media, about not letting the terrorists win, by changing our way of life? Yet they needed to pass the patriot act, they needed the ability to wiretap and search without asking the courts for warrants. 9/11 changed us profoundly and turned us into a country of whinny little sissies. You can't go anywhere these days without being seen on camera's because we're afraid of crime. Wiretaps and covert surveillance because we're afraid of terrorism. Just what are you people not afraid of? Muslims, Gay rights, and agnostic free thinkers are what the media tells you to fear. I'm telling you to keep your fears rational, you know things like spiders, tigers, grizzly bears, these are rational things to fear. So the next time Bill O'reilly or Rush Limbaugh tells you how afraid you should be, tell them to grab a Binky and hide in their closets. Freedoms comes with a healthy dose of risk and responsibility and if they can't man up and assume those, they can always move to China, but what they can't do is bring China here.