Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US wants tribesmen to join fight against the Taliban

3 Years ago members of the Alikozai tribe rose up against the Taliban and While Kabul and Washington watched the Taliban defeat the uprising, they are now asking for help. How can you spit in a persons eye one day and ask them for help the next? Now the marines are trying to convince the Alikozai tribe that this time it will be different. This time they wont be chained to trucks and dragged to another province, we promise. But are we trying to push the Taliban out, or occupy more territory? And if we push in and stay how long can we stay before the tribes start seeing it as another occupation? We can give them food and weapons, we can even give them air support, and they will most likely be successful and push the Taliban out. Then what? They can push out the Taliban but its not going to stem the rising insurgency against us. And we at home have to understand that essentially they are in the right. After nine years and several more to come, the majority of Afghans see us as no different that all those empires before that attempted to invade them. And if you think those mineral deposits were a surprise and newly discovered, you better think again, we knew of them since or before 1985. After thousands of lives lost and trillions spent and trillions more to be spent has not yielded a single goal of this war, its time to leave and let the Afghans be who they are, let them find their own way, let them figure out what to do with all that gold, all that lithium, let them decide their future for themselves. These wars have cost us too much in both lives and financial resources, and seriously do we not have much bigger problems at home that have been put off far too long to continue ignoring. 

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