Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Karzi Remarks, Taliban reject Peace Talks

As the violence in Afghanistan escalates so do the war of words. With Afghan leader Karzi threatening to join the Taliban if the UN doesn't stop interfering. Given that along with the Taliban's rejection of peace talks, and the open letter to congress sent last week, it would seem that the Taliban is surging. That's certainly the picture painted by our propaganda machine. The realities on the ground seem to paint a much different picture entirely. The media spectacle we call news paints a picture of a Taliban surge. And we in turn are lead to believe that this resistance is solely due to the Taliban. We are told or want to think that we are always in the right. We want to believe that war is always our last option. We want to believe that we are welcomed. We want to believe these things, like we would like to believe in Santa Clause, we want to believe but logic simply will not let us. The truth is we are facing a multi-facet of resistance from all walks of life in Afghanistan. From the farmers just wanting to protect their fields and homes, to the those Mujaheddin that once fought against the Soviets and Taliban. Right up to the UN trained police forces. The media paints a completely false picture by lumping all resistance as Taliban resistance, when this is clearly an Afghan resistance. The same elements we exploited against the Soviet invasion through out the 80's is now aligning against our troops. It's not a question of if we can win, but at what cost? This has now become the longest war in US history, do you even remember why? After nine years we can not say this is about bringing down Al Qeda or Bid Laden. We we're told going in we were not there to conquer or occupy Afghanistan. So was this about Bin Laden or the Trillion dollars worth of gold and rare earths reported back in June?

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