Sunday, November 14, 2010

Threats of violence on Social Security Judges on the Rise

Data released to the Association of Administrative Law Judges says there were 80 reports of threats to harm or kill social security judges. An 18% increase over last year. Specific and violent threats, anything from taking a gun and shooting social security personal, to joining the Taliban. Regardless the details of the threats, its apparent people are angry and they are lashing out at a system that is failing them and they are powerless to do anything about it. I personally know two people who have gone through this system. My uncle was a heavy equipment operator and suffered a severe injury on the job. After 3 surgeries to repair his shoulder failed and left him with virtually no mobility in his right shoulder he knew at his age he was done. His doctors knew it, and SSI knew it. yet it still took him more than two years to collect the benefits he worked over 35 years for. My cousin who suffers from 2 degenerative disks in his back will be lucky if he's not in a wheel chair in 2 years, has been waiting almost 8 months for his first hearing. And we all know how the first hearing always goes down. Unless you bound to a wheel chair, you can work. Period end of story. The problem here isn't people threatening judges and government workers. Its the judges who hold poor and injured people and their families hostage. People like my Cousin have kids to feed and cloth and keep a roof over their heads. When they can not work and provide, their last hope is those benefits. Most people in these thousands of cases can not keep their heads above water for two years while fighting for what is theirs in the first place. 

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