Monday, December 20, 2010

The T List

 For the life of me I thought we all knew what Home Land Security Fusion Centers were. I really thought we all knew that the FBI, TSA and gods knows how many other alphabet agencies were keeping databases of us. Yet the Washington post publishes a article centering on 5 "Revelations" from their investigation of the FBI and these Fusion Centers and what their purpose is, and it come readily apparent that as a nation we are as uneducated as any third world population. Take in account of our sheer laziness, arrogance and controlled media, and you have the perfect recipe for totalitarian rule. Now add in a healthy dose of Racial intolerance and fear and we have the makings of Nazi Germany. It's easy to dismiss these statements as cliche or over the top conspiracy theories. But the fact is these Fusion Centers exist. The fact is these fusions centers are gathering information on anyone and everyone they can regardless of whether or not your a criminal or a terrorist. The Washington Post claims the FBI's SAR list or Suspicious Activities Reporting Initiative is currently at 161,948 reports. I suspect the number is much higher as in the tens of millions higher. The information gathered in these reports includes employment history, consumer trends, medical conditions, financial information, photo's and even information on family and friends who just by association could become a target of overzealous surveillance. And while you are being watched listened to and followed for no other reason than they can, your being brainwashed and beaten into submission by the mainstream media into silent obedience. Do you really think any of the rights you lost and will lose affects the daily lives of Bill O'reilly, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh? No these new stricter rules only apply to the poor, middle class and disenfranchised. We can no longer be called the beacon of human rights and liberties. We are now the dark shadow of oppression. Like it or not this is a Police State. How we as a people choose to deal with it will be left for the history books. Whatever the outcome Inaction is no longer an option.  

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