Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fox News and The Obama Childrens Book Controversy

Another non news story from our good friends at Fox News. In an article originally titled "Obama Praises Indian Chief who Killed US General. The headline has since been changed to "Obama Praises Indian Chief who Defeated US General. The 31 page book titled "Of Thee I Sing, Letters to My Daughters" detailed 13 American Hero's who Obama identifies with. And one of these 13 was Sitting Bull, and for some reason unexplained to me had drawn the ire of Fox News, which pointed this out as " His most controversial choice may be Sitting Bull, who defeated Custer at Little Bighorn. I just don't understand the angle Fox is working here, but trying to raise a controversy in a children's book where none exists is just low.  And when I was in High School my history teacher tried to paint Custer in that heroic light. Logic simply would not allow it. I can see Custer heroically raiding a village killing women children and old men. I can see him fearlessly sending his men into Little Big Horn while he ran the other way. Not to mention calling this idiot a General is not accurate at all, since he was well dead before he was given his stars. So why would Fox go out their way to stir up nothing in defense of a scumbag baby killer? But I have to hand it to them, their non story brought out some very interesting comments. As well expected Sitting Bull was painted in a much more positive light than Custer. And that got me thinking, if in this day and age we Americans can knowledge the Native Americans right to resist our expansion of the country, then why is it so hard for the same Americans to knowledge the rights of Afghans to resist our occupation of their lands over there? How are these much different and how are the Afghans wrong? 

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