Friday, December 3, 2010

War on Wikileaks is a War on Free Speech

Journalists in this country as well as around this world have an obligation to the truth. Nothing but the truth no matter where the truth goes. Yet again and again Corporate mainstream media twists buries and distorts the truth into dirty lies. And they spoon feed that misinformation to you. And like obedient whipped dogs you lap it up. Most of you believed the Government when it said "No Warnings" over and over again regarding 9/11 they repeated the lie so often no one even blinked when the August 6th PBD was released and and disproved the lie. And now this Government is stepping up its attacks in the press and across cyberspace. Their target Wiki-leaks. The press vilifies them and most Americans follow suit. The truth is this government is beyond redemption beyond reformation. This Government can not conform to a semblance of  Morality so it does the only thing it knows how to do. Kill the story and bully the journalists and anyone else that would dare question our no fault government. For me its really a simple matter, the truth is the truth and this is murder. Wiki leaks is a lot like the cameras they put everywhere, if your not a criminal you have nothing to worry about. So if our government wasn't actively engaged in illegal and treasonous activities, then they have nothing to fear from Wiki-leaks. And we can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and let these things just happen. The truth is out there, but your not going to get it from the likes of liars in the form of Journalists. The Corporate Media Empire will not inform you, you have to do that yourselves. But you are not alone, as long as we keep Wiki-leaks open and the information pouring, we can win this war.

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