Friday, December 3, 2010

What the Murals at DIA Really Say

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the strange apocalyptic murals at Denver International Airport is worth a library. These murals coupled with the free mason symbol accompanied by "The New World Airport Commission" falls right into the hands of the conspiracy theorists and was even featured on Jesse Ventura's  Conspiracy theory. So let's put that to rest immediately. Yes there is a massive tunnel system and bomb shelters under DIA. It's a Dan Brown game if you can figure out what the symbols mean your smart enough to get in, if not your sol. But what concerns me isn't what is or isn't under the airport, its these murals themselves. First of all what kind of moron puts this picture in an airport. Really? A mural depicting the end of the world, just before I get on a plane flown by some guy I don't know, in a machine I know nothing about. Just seeing that before I board doesn't go far in assuring me a safe uneventful flight to my destination. Then there is this. I only bring this up because it's so freaking obvious. The soldier in the gas mask carrying an AK and killing a dove with a scimitar, and the fact that the uniform was drawn to resemble Muslim garb. It's obvious that the artists intentions was to play on the racial/religious intolerance's plaguing this country. So can you idiots running the show at DIA pull your heads out of your asses for a second and just change the damn murals. Death and destruction at an Airport? NO.

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