Monday, November 22, 2010

Does the TSA Go Too Far?

With the busiest traveling the day just 48 hours away and TSA not relenting on new security procedures. The Full body scanners or a full body pat down. And what happens if you refuse both? Well that can get ugly in a hurry. First of all according to the few that have tried to opt out of being sexually assaulted or blasted with x-rays, they are then interrogated and threatened with legal action and fines up to $10,000. basically once your in your in, if you opt out your a criminal. Your subjected to interrogation, and illegal detainment. If there is no more a glaring reminder of what a Nazi police state looked like go to the Airports today and see. Once your in line your subjected to rude and abusive people who only claim to be doing their jobs. And this is an industry that is nothing without the same people they constantly walk on. But my question is simply this, under what authority does the TSA have to hold someone who simply wishes to exercise their constitutional rights? And why is it every time we lose a freedom or someone openly violates our rights, they only do so to make us safe? I never asked for or require your protection against anything other than protecting my rights from being taken away. Come this Wednesday and you find yourself caught in an airport surrounded by neo-Nazi foot soldiers, make it as difficult for them as humanly possible. Grind those long useless lines to a halt. Make those front-line TSA agents thinking about another line of work. And just how far can we go to protect our rights?
The last flight I took was two years ago, from SFO to O'hare. Where I was subjected to a molesting they called a pat down then. I can't imagine it getting any worse. I just refuse to fly unless I can do it on my terms not on terms dictated by make believe terrorists. And if the government had done the job it claims to be responsible for 9/11 could not have happened. So do you really think all these illegal procedures are to make you safe? And just a little FYI, using an uneducated inarticulate screener to convince people the scanners are safe, is not a good selling point. The fact is none of you know what the long term effects these scanners are going to have on frequent fliers. So to make claims that it is perfectly safe is a complete and outrageous lie. When enough people make a stand and turn those airports into virtual ghost towns, then maybe TSA and the airlines will figure out who their bosses really are.

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