Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Party's Over

So far I have been nice, or in the very least polite. Well that party's over. The gloves are coming off and people are going to get pissed, people are going to be really really pissed. So I'll start by pissing off all the Christians. I know easy target, why bother? I bother because it needs to be done. And things need to be said. And the fake Christye's in this country need a serious attitude adjustment. First of all lets get one thing out in the clear, I don't buy into any form of organized religion and anyone that claims to "Know God" is only trying to separate you from your money. But no more so than Christians in this country. Let's get one thing perfectly clear, all the tensions all the controversies unfolding this past summer is solely the faults of "Christians" It was a "Christian" Conservative blogger Pam Geller who started the lower Manhattan Community Center, by spreading outright lies to twist your ignorant sense of patriotism. By coining terms like Ground Zero Mosque, which she still calls it,while knowing this Community Center is Two New York City Blocks away. Yet the lies persist because these are the lies the Christian Community wants the rest of us to believe. Yet try to generalize Christians as easily As they generalize Muslims and instant firestorm. I don't blame one stupid racist blogger for the controversy as much as I blame the Christian foot soldiers, if it weren't for their own prejudices and intolerance, people like Pam Geller wouldn't have an audience. As goes this so called Reverend Terry Jones and his threat to burn Qurans on 9/11, again if it weren't for the dumb ass bible thumpers and your petty hatreds and complete misunderstanding of your own doctrine as well as the way the true world mechanics operate, Terry Jones would have been a non story. All the turmoil all the division in this country, everything is all on your heads. We started two illegal and immoral wars on lies. All the fake Christians seized on any excuse to kill Muslims, so long as those "holier than thou" do not have to get their hands bloodied. The religion you spread is not Christianity its poison pure and simple. If you Fake Christye's feel violated and generalized, then take a step back and see what you have been doing to Muslims in this country since 9/11. And you people simply expect the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan to side with and cooperate with our military? Would you support and aid people that have a deep seated fundamental hate for you based on what you believe? No none of us would. Yet the Hypocrites in this country expect the Afghans to play nice while we bomb the hell out of their country. The government is only feeding off your hatred towards Muslims and you justify your intolerance through the actions of the Government.We are at war to feed the bankers at the Federal Reserve, but it's justified through media propaganda and spoon fed to the public, and you weak willed Christye's eat it up. The bottom line is this, we must live by the constitution, it is the only safe guard we have to ensure everyone is treated equally and justly. However the so called Moral Majority in this country seems to think the rights forwarded in the constitution only apply to them, and they alone decide if and when they honor the rights and freedoms of the rest of us. Well I don't think so, It's about damn time someone reminded these people America is a free religious country, not a christian country. All religions are welcome and all religions will be treated equally and justly.  

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