Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taliban letter to Congress

As most of you have heard by now Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi penned 2,300 word open letter to the US. Congress. WSJ journalist Matthew Rosenberg described the letter as rambling, and that Ahmadi wanted to give congress a true assessment of the realities on the ground. And called on congress for a fact checking mission. To which Rosenberg points out that Congressmen visit Afghanistan all the time. Points picked up and rehashed on every freaking cable news channel. Every single coverage is just the same sound bite telling us the letter said this the letter said that. Now I have ran this down as far as I could and I still haven't seen the letter. Seriously? All I see is this same story retold on thousands of blogs, but no actual letter? Is it Taliban propaganda? Is it an olive Branch? Or the ramblings of a self appointed revolutionary? I don't know I haven't read the letter. The Journalists are suppose to report the news and all the related facts to it. Not wrap their opinions and political views around the news. For a democracy to function properly the people have to be informed of all the facts, and none of the opinion of how we should weigh those facts. Maybe journalists like Matthew Rosenberg simply doesn't trust us to come to the same conclusions as he does. Maybe Rosenberg is afraid we would see it differently were we able to judge it for ourselves. Maybe its time to just dump the mainstream and get the truth for ourselves.

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