Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TSA Bribes State Police with Grants to Conduct Random traffic Stops

The story that didn't get much attention in the press, as it was intended not too. The Illinois State Police received a grant to conduct random traffic stops every weekend through the month of June. Well there wasn't much information forth coming. I called down to the news desk and they couldn't fill in the blanks any better than I could, but what was really disturbing to me was, I could tell right away, the questions I was asking had not even crossed this guys mind. Like who would be so vile so despicable, that they would bribe state police to randomly pull people over and openly and overtly trash our constitutional rights? Of course I phrased that question a bit more benign, "Where did the grant money come from? I had to put in a call to the Illinois State Police. And as soon as the question spilled out of my mouth, the civilian communications liaison transferred me to the heart of the Brown-Shirt Propaganda machine. And when I asked the question I was met with hostility and contempt. Where I was asked "What my interests in this were?" I replied I live here its of great interests to me to protect my rights when those we entrusted to do so have  turned their backs on us. In the end he did confirm that which I had already  suspected, the money came from the TSA. So Now I am convinced more than ever, we need to resist this policy, if anyone in Illinois gets pulled over randomly, do not allow them to search you or your vehicle, do not answer their questions, but do take names, get those names to me, We will out the brown-shirts, we will demonstrate in front of their homes. We will let everyone know where these peoples place in history lies. If we do not stop this, if we do not fight, if we do what we always do, 'Nothing' then whats next, FDA giving out grants to do random home searches for illegal prescription drugs? You laugh now, but remember a few years ago, we would all be laughing at this.  Drive safe, drive smart, know your rights and get me the names of the assholes that take them from you. This is a fight we can win. If we have the balls to fight in the first place. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Illinois Police Recieve Grant to Conduct Random Traffic Stops through the Month of June

Being from Illinois This one has me spitting nails. As first reported in the local news yesterday, the Illinois State Police had received a new grant that will allow them to conduct random traffic stops. As 23 news so proudly toots its own self gratifying horn, to be the first to break the news of the extra traffic stops this holiday weekend, and now extending that program into June. Of course 23 news doesn't actually report the real news or ask the real questions. Such as Where did the grant come from? What constitutes random? And how this isn't a complete and total disregard for our civil liberties and human rights. These agencies and that includes the Illinois state police do no that the right or the authority to violate our constitutional rights, all they have are guns in their hands and steroids in their veins. If there are any real patriotic Americans left on the Illinois State Police, they will not do this low ball shit, for a few dollars that ultimately came out of the pockets of the people being forced to submit to brown shirt policies and tactics. It is our duty as Americans to resist this bullshit, if anyone gets pulled over randomly do not cooperate, do not let them search, do not answer their questions. But do get badge numbers and names so we all know who the enemies of the constitution are among us. No more will  these roided up criminals be putting on masks and coming into our homes and hiding in anonymity, we are going to out the traitors, the leeches, the parasites and all the un-American and unpatriotic cops judges lawyers and politicians. In the end it makes little difference if the boot pressed in the back of your neck is on the right foot or left foot. Its time we got out from under the boot and cut off the foot.

FCC Commissioner To Step Down and Join ComCast Lobbying Firm

It was no surprise to me earlier this year when the FCC and most notably Meridith Atwell Baker approved the NBC Com Cast merger. I was not even all that shocked at her constant lamentations over the red tape and details that held up forming this highly Illegal monopoly. And I can not say I was even shocked to learn that Meridith has tendered her resignation with the FCC to join that Monopoly this June. Now I am not lawyer, an intellectual, or a smooth talking know nothing politician, so I can only see how blatantly wrong this is. I'm not shocked or surprised that there is not a single piece of shit in the U.S. Attorneys office that will prosecute her, they are much too busy stepping on the poor and whats left of the decimated middle class. I'm not shocked, I'm lividly pissed off. It was readily apparent that not just committee rules were broken, but Laws were broken, CEO and Power Brokers conspired against the law to create a monopoly that now has full capabilities to set the price for what is left of their competition. What is the stop Com-Cast from further raising its rates. Then whats to stop them from forcing themselves into your wallet whether you buy their service or not. Meridith Baker should be looking at some really hard time as well along with Brian Roberts and Steve Burke. And if we do not break up this merger as well as pry the media assets away from defense contractors, these low life spineless un-American pieces of shit like Baker, Burke and Roberts will continue to exploit lie and fabricate the reality we live in. And we can not be a free and open society when everything that society is based on is a lie. And while the people are once again made the victims, another lying piece of shit traitor named Eric Holder presses his boot harder to our backs while the real criminals slip some cash into his pocket and get out the back door. We are now at that point, and have been for quite some time, where we need to choose once and for all, are we going to submit and lick boots, or are we going to put our boots in the asses of the traitors and unpatriotic fucks taking this country down.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where Freedom No Longer Rings

 Yesterday Adam Kokesh, and several others were arrested by police for the heinous and viscous offense of dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. Really? Like most Americans I would have thought that dancing in public was just weird, I had no idea it was illegal. So again Really? So I had to do some digging and it turns out a few years ago Mary Brook Oberwetter was arrested on the eve of Thomas Jefferson's 265th birthday for, you guessed it Dancing inside the Memorial. Then to justify not only the arrest but the brutal manner in which it was conducted, judge Thomas Griffith said “Although silent, Oberwetter’s dancing was a conspicuous expressive act with a propensity to draw onlookers," read the whole decision here then read the first amendment to the constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances" Now I am  not a lawyer, I never studied the law, but where the in the hell does the first amendment allow for judges to infringe on it. Thomas Griffith knows damn well his opinion is wrong, and he knows it's outright illegal. Thomas Griffith also knows he took an oath to defend the constitution, and he fucking sold it out and lined his pockets with tax payer money. Thomas Griffith isn't a public servant. He is a leach a parasite a liar, there are just so many things this low life is. American, Patriotic, Honorable, Honest, these things he his not. but he his not the only piece of shit that deserves no honor or respect from anyone. and Its this asshole in this video. Now we all know this guy, The type that pushes his chest out and uses fear and intimidation to do his job. Yet instead of spending the rest of his days in a 6x6, this is the kind of fucker they pin badges on. This is the kind of fucker we all have a duty to resist, to beat down and to make useless. Just look at the roided out freak. This is the guy who does what he's told regardless of just how wrong it is, and he does solely to feed his blood lust. This is what stands between the real patriots and tyranny, Guess whose side this asshole is on?

Friday, May 27, 2011

The End of Days

OK I'm back and I am pissed. I didn't want to turn into a rant but it seems the only way to get things across these days is by going hardcore and shoving it right up your collective asses. We are Truly looking at the End of Days. And no I don't mean rapture or Armageddon. The end of days is an end of the Republic. The end of freedoms and liberties, but also the end of the constitution. Nearly 10 years ago, we were attacked, and there have been some considerable debate as to how, but that's for another blog. But what can not be debated is once those towers came down, this Government used that as an excuse to suspend our freedoms and our liberties. And what do we have to show for nearly a decade of the Patriot Act? FBI agent provocateurs enticing and inflaming events. Agents posing as radical Jihadists and working over impressionable teenagers, giving them the keys to their car bombs and arresting them when they park it. Does that really serve to keep you safe? And how safe does riot police beating on college students at a block party, for the heinous offense of putting a bicycle on top of a street sign, or just being 20 and on the street that day?  But the real Tragedy of the Patriot Act is the Murder of Jose Guerena 26 years old, declarated Marine who served two tours in Iraq. In the early morning hours of May 5th Pima County Swat, raided Guerena, and shot him 60 times. And while the press it still trying to gather all the facts. Sheriff Dupnik has circled the wagons and put out a virtual media blackout, after misinformation was reported in the press and caused to inflame the situation. You can read the press release here. The Fact remains that the misinformation, such as Guerena had fired first, was released by the Lying dirt bag cops in the first place. So to keep from being caught in more lies he is just not saying anything. There are several questions that need to answered and there are several people that need to be held accountable for their actions that night. After shooting Guerena 60 times, he was still alive, yet even with paramedics right outside, the supervisor, who for some reason is afforded anonymity, refused him medical treatment, for one hour and fourteen minutes. And yet no one can explain why they purposely left this man to die on the floor of his own home, while they repeatedly stepped over him, conducting the search? Now if any other person comes across an injured person and refuses to help or get help, they call it a crime. Every one of these scum bag cops, and the fucks know who they are, purposely broke the law in not getting Guerena immediate medical attention. Had I sat there and just watched someone die in the streets, they would charge me with some degree of murder, and these so called 'Peace Officers' should be held to a higher standard, and not believing they can do what they want when they want. If there was one question I would like to ask Dupnik, the piece of shit criminal judge that signed out the warrant, and all the thugs that executed Jose Guerena, it would be 'Do you feel you have the right to be safe and secure in your own homes?' And what gives them that right, when they have stolen it away from the rest of us?