Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will Sara Run?

With midterms done and a new congress getting their feet wet, a lot of talk has centered about Sara Palin's possible run for the white house in 2012. With yet another book and now a reality television show on TLC. (its not reality if the idiots know they are being watched)  Palin's intent is clear, polish on the charm and win over the heartland. Now usually I don't care either way who runs and who wins, as it never seems to change anything at all. No matter what party controls what, things always stay the same. President Obama ran on the platform of change, yet both parties reject even the tiniest insignificant reforms and change. And Whether Barrack wins a second term or Sara rides a wave of popularity, things will not change. The rich will continue to leach labors of the poor, the government will continue to spend and wage war, and jobs will trickle in here and there but the overall state will not change. The biggest problem with effecting change is we have no clue exactly what needs to be changed. When the answer is so incredibly simple. We miss the mark when we try to fix a broken system with new rules and regulations, that doesn't change anything at all. When the banks fail, we get bogged down and distracted by the rules and regulations that failed, instead of holding the people managing the system accountable. There is no need to change the government we just need a change of management. Top to bottom, every last elected politician, appointed official, and government employee. A full and complete house cleaning. Then you can really get down to business of Real Change.    

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