Sunday, November 14, 2010

Letting the Hounds Loose on George W Bush

I am not a democrat or a republican, nor am I a liberal or a conservative. People are just to complex to be wrapped up in labels. unless your a closed minded idiot like W. Presidents come and go, but my god I just can't stand this man. And not for 9/11 or the two illegal and unjust wars he started. No my hatred for this guy goes back to when he stabbed me in the back. I voted for this idiot in 2000. Then I was forced to sit and watch him his brother and Kathleen Harris steal our democracy. But even after that he couldn't just leave me alone. See I had spent a great deal of my working life acquiring high demand skills within the manufacturing industry. But apparently W. thought it would be better if we out sourced 10million jobs like mine. Then when I thought he couldn't sink to a new low, here he comes out of left field with this book. yeah well that's not really a surprise. But a bit of the book he revealed caught even me off guard. It was describing his lowest point in office. When Kayne West called him a racist. Well first off all Kayne said "George Bush Don't care about black people" W called it disgusting. I personally think Kayne was in the right ball park. But it to say George Bush don't care about poor people would be closer to the truth. So if you haven't figured out what I hate about this guy, and I have to spell it out for you, your as out of touch as he is. And that's what I hate the most about W, he thinks he's just one of the good ole boys, but he has no damn Idea what it means to struggle. And that comes out in his stupid remarks. 9/11 a failed economy that nearly went into full out depression and 2 illegal and costly wars, all this and his lowest point is being punked out by Kayne West. Really George? So where does the murder of 3,000 People on American Soil in the most horrendous manner possible, rank on your scale of low points?

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