Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Road We Travel

When we look back at where we have been, does it amaze you to see where we are now? Somewhere along that journey we have lost our way. Maybe it was from fear, maybe some thought it was the logical progression. But maybe it was meant to be. Thomas Jefferson said the price of freedom was eternal vigilance. And we have not been vigilant, and we have paid for that with our freedoms. Over the past 20 years we have seen the slow erosion of our civil liberties, and with each affront, the story runs with two slanted perspectives, one from the left one from the right, and we Americans seem to find some agreement in the middle ground. Yet while occupy ourselves with arguments drawn in the sand of ideological debates over what hand the government is going to use to smack us around with. On the left, the so called bleeding heart liberals, the weak and useless members of our society. They want the government through the banks and corporations to take care of everybody, to make everybody safe. While those on the right sit in lazy boys getting fat and drunk playing some kind of pro war cheerleader, while never owning the balls to serve themselves. They want the middle and poor lined up on sweat shop floors. Drones doing what their told for slave wages. And we have been down both of these roads before. And we all know where both roads end. With the people getting bent over and screwed one way or the other. Yet our founding fathers have given us clear stern warnings of the dire ramifications if we stray away form the constitution. And here we are so far from that road we may not find our way back. Could anyone 20 years ago, fathom being arrested for the most heinous crime of dancing at the Jefferson Memorial let alone any where. Could any of us 20 years ago had imagine Federal Agents raiding Amish? 20 years ago we were safe and secure in our own homes, now we are victimized by the police in our own homes. We lost our way looking for a short cut. Trying to find common ground. Remember it's the people who say life isn't fair that's working so hard to screw you over.

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  1. I agree, people need to vote for pro-constitution candidates and forget all the left - right stuff.