Sunday, June 26, 2011

Common Sense in a New America

In 1774 Thomas Paine published a simple pamphlet, called Common Sense. The message I feel has been lost or purposely brushed aside and ignored. What Paine set out to do and accomplished with amazing results, was to take all those seemingly vast and complex problems facing our forefathers, into simple straight forward common sense terms, so  those who were truly being affected can understand what was being done to them. And to focus their attention squarely on who to blame for it all. King George. Yet here we are now 237 years later, and Paine's words have a hauntingly prophetic feel about them. Can we say today our struggle as a people is any different that the struggle waged in ages before? It is as it was then a struggle with ourselves and who we are as a people. And in what direction are those we elect taking us? Are we going to keep arguing and debating over what we already know to be true? Are we even the same people, born of the same metal of our forefathers? Do we have that same fire, that same passion to be free people? Or is it too late.? Are we doomed to live under the shadow of the Nanny state forever? And is it preferable to the hardships of personal responsibility and self reliance required to live free? Now more than ever before do we need a strong dose of common sense. While we are struggling every day to make ends meet does it make sense for you to do without basic necessities, to pay taxes that only serve to maintain lavish lifestyles of the tax eaters? Does it make logical sense to restrict public and private pensions while handing Corporate banks hundreds of billions of dollars? Does it make sense to cut welfare spending while increasing the debt? Does it make more sense to simply go along? Or is it time we put an end to it all. In a time and place where we are 17 times more likely to be killed by our own police than Al Qeda, who do we really need to be protected from? In a country that has the highest penal population, can we really call ourselves free? In an age of corporate own information, can we truly call ourselves informed. I still believe the government that governs least is the one that governs best. I also believe that only a handful if that many elected officials truly believe that. In fact I believe that the overwhelming majority of federal officials and employees are working on the agenda of complete and total control. Always remember those that want to take away your means to defend yourself, aims to control and enslave you. We need to ask Chuck Schummer, and any other lying scum why they think our Bill of Rights is a take out menu that they can pick and chose from? And what gives them the right to restrict rights guaranteed not by the Constitution or Bill of Rights, but by right of Birth as Human Beings. All the constitution does is protect those rights which are already ours. And no man can take them away.

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