Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TSA Bribes State Police with Grants to Conduct Random traffic Stops

The story that didn't get much attention in the press, as it was intended not too. The Illinois State Police received a grant to conduct random traffic stops every weekend through the month of June. Well there wasn't much information forth coming. I called down to the news desk and they couldn't fill in the blanks any better than I could, but what was really disturbing to me was, I could tell right away, the questions I was asking had not even crossed this guys mind. Like who would be so vile so despicable, that they would bribe state police to randomly pull people over and openly and overtly trash our constitutional rights? Of course I phrased that question a bit more benign, "Where did the grant money come from? I had to put in a call to the Illinois State Police. And as soon as the question spilled out of my mouth, the civilian communications liaison transferred me to the heart of the Brown-Shirt Propaganda machine. And when I asked the question I was met with hostility and contempt. Where I was asked "What my interests in this were?" I replied I live here its of great interests to me to protect my rights when those we entrusted to do so have  turned their backs on us. In the end he did confirm that which I had already  suspected, the money came from the TSA. So Now I am convinced more than ever, we need to resist this policy, if anyone in Illinois gets pulled over randomly, do not allow them to search you or your vehicle, do not answer their questions, but do take names, get those names to me, We will out the brown-shirts, we will demonstrate in front of their homes. We will let everyone know where these peoples place in history lies. If we do not stop this, if we do not fight, if we do what we always do, 'Nothing' then whats next, FDA giving out grants to do random home searches for illegal prescription drugs? You laugh now, but remember a few years ago, we would all be laughing at this.  Drive safe, drive smart, know your rights and get me the names of the assholes that take them from you. This is a fight we can win. If we have the balls to fight in the first place. 

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