Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rememberance and Solace on This Anniversary

For most Americans June 4th will pass unobserved, unmarked. Uncelebrated. There will be no parades today, nor solemn remembrance for fallen heroes. Yet today should be marked for its importance in defining the world in which we live today. It should be marked as the first shots in the war against democracy and our way of life. And in Solemn remembrance we should reflect on the sacrifice of the last President that was for the People, of the People and by the People. The last President who stood up in the face of global conspiracy, on June 4th 1963 signed executive order 11110. which President John F Kennedy authorized, the United States Treasury to issue a new silver certificate, it was just the first stage of a drastic overhaul plan that would usurp the power of the federal reserve board and phase them out, without totally wreaking the economy. Kennedy had understood the depths of the conspiracy and actually had a plan to do something about it. And for that they killed him. And we stuck our heads in the sands. So let us pass this June 4th in remembrance of the Republic that was once ours, and the sacrifices of the ones fallen trying to win it back.

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