Friday, June 3, 2011

TSA Caving to Public Pressure? The Battle for Texas Continues

Days ago top TSA officials conceded that they may be forces to reconsider their screening protocols, in the wake of heated debate and public backlash. Yet a word of caution, far too many times has our government said one thing in the face of such public pressure, only to turn around and do just the opposite when that pressure wanes. So while today TSA may say this, may suggest another course of action, does not mean they will. And do I need to remind you of the lies TSA has told in the past? After all it was stated numerous times by TSA they do not search children. to turn around and molest a 6 year old child. I am offended by anyone who claims this is not Molestation. When anyone of us, our even police officers local state and federal would be arrested and charged with the very least sexual battery. So then Texas picked up the fight and presented a bill in the house that would make the groping illegal. Did they not know there is already laws on the books in every state? All they have to is send the state police to the airports and arrest the screeners on the spot, case closed. But Texas the bill flew through the house, but was beat down in the senate. And this is where Texas Politics start resembling the mafia politics of Illinois. Some have suggested that Lt Governor David Dewhurst had quietly and secretly killed the bill on the senate floor after The TSA Brownshirt Nazi's threatened to shut down all traffic coming and going through Texas. Again we are talking about the US Government, childish and deceitful in every way imaginable. And while people are asking if Dewhurst did in fact kill this bill, some have delved into Dewhursts past and has raised many many questions that speak straight to this man's character and he needs to address. because if the allegations are true and David Dewhurst while working for the CIA organized and commanded death squads in Bolivia as well as maintained a working relationship with Klaus Barbie. then he is worthy of nothing more than a trip to the gallows. It's on you Texas are you going to force the worm to come clean or pretend everything will be OK?

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