Friday, June 3, 2011

Wikileaks Cable Confirms Initiatives to Form The North American Union

Conspiracy theorists have been sending out dire warnings for years, clamoring on about shadow governments and secret societies while mainstream regulates these wacko's back to the corner to put on history's dunce hat. So when it was first reported some years back that George W. Bush had secretly signed away our sovereignty to the interests of foreign nationalists, like most people I laughed. At the time it was difficult for me conceive how people could subscribe to anything like this. Yet how could we not? After all Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission. Even the Carlye Group all were discounted by Mainstream media as nothing more than conspiracy theories and nonsense. And here we are today with physical evidence and confessions to the existence of these groups and their what their functionality is. From David Rockefeller praising the media for maintaining secrecy for over 40 years while they, the elites of the world planned for the future of the planet. And now we see the true merit in the cables released by Wiki-leaks. I wonder what all the pseudo Patriots wanting to hang Daniel Manning as a traitor feel about the traitor who in secret, without the voice of the house the senate or the supreme court, most importantly without our consent. Are you willing to live peacefully as slaves to the self appointed inbred aristocrats?  Will you let your country die at the hands of intolerable greed? And while the mainstream will undoubtedly spin this out of context and simply lie and deceive, just remember they lied and deceived us about the African Union and the European Union, right up to the end. Lines have been drawn and its time to take on these Globalists head on, blow for blow the numbers are on our side, even if we have to go through our own to get to them.

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