Monday, May 30, 2011

FCC Commissioner To Step Down and Join ComCast Lobbying Firm

It was no surprise to me earlier this year when the FCC and most notably Meridith Atwell Baker approved the NBC Com Cast merger. I was not even all that shocked at her constant lamentations over the red tape and details that held up forming this highly Illegal monopoly. And I can not say I was even shocked to learn that Meridith has tendered her resignation with the FCC to join that Monopoly this June. Now I am not lawyer, an intellectual, or a smooth talking know nothing politician, so I can only see how blatantly wrong this is. I'm not shocked or surprised that there is not a single piece of shit in the U.S. Attorneys office that will prosecute her, they are much too busy stepping on the poor and whats left of the decimated middle class. I'm not shocked, I'm lividly pissed off. It was readily apparent that not just committee rules were broken, but Laws were broken, CEO and Power Brokers conspired against the law to create a monopoly that now has full capabilities to set the price for what is left of their competition. What is the stop Com-Cast from further raising its rates. Then whats to stop them from forcing themselves into your wallet whether you buy their service or not. Meridith Baker should be looking at some really hard time as well along with Brian Roberts and Steve Burke. And if we do not break up this merger as well as pry the media assets away from defense contractors, these low life spineless un-American pieces of shit like Baker, Burke and Roberts will continue to exploit lie and fabricate the reality we live in. And we can not be a free and open society when everything that society is based on is a lie. And while the people are once again made the victims, another lying piece of shit traitor named Eric Holder presses his boot harder to our backs while the real criminals slip some cash into his pocket and get out the back door. We are now at that point, and have been for quite some time, where we need to choose once and for all, are we going to submit and lick boots, or are we going to put our boots in the asses of the traitors and unpatriotic fucks taking this country down.

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