Monday, May 30, 2011

Illinois Police Recieve Grant to Conduct Random Traffic Stops through the Month of June

Being from Illinois This one has me spitting nails. As first reported in the local news yesterday, the Illinois State Police had received a new grant that will allow them to conduct random traffic stops. As 23 news so proudly toots its own self gratifying horn, to be the first to break the news of the extra traffic stops this holiday weekend, and now extending that program into June. Of course 23 news doesn't actually report the real news or ask the real questions. Such as Where did the grant come from? What constitutes random? And how this isn't a complete and total disregard for our civil liberties and human rights. These agencies and that includes the Illinois state police do no that the right or the authority to violate our constitutional rights, all they have are guns in their hands and steroids in their veins. If there are any real patriotic Americans left on the Illinois State Police, they will not do this low ball shit, for a few dollars that ultimately came out of the pockets of the people being forced to submit to brown shirt policies and tactics. It is our duty as Americans to resist this bullshit, if anyone gets pulled over randomly do not cooperate, do not let them search, do not answer their questions. But do get badge numbers and names so we all know who the enemies of the constitution are among us. No more will  these roided up criminals be putting on masks and coming into our homes and hiding in anonymity, we are going to out the traitors, the leeches, the parasites and all the un-American and unpatriotic cops judges lawyers and politicians. In the end it makes little difference if the boot pressed in the back of your neck is on the right foot or left foot. Its time we got out from under the boot and cut off the foot.

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